About Us

OJHolme Ltd comprises a team of professionals divided into various departments:

OJHolme Construction engages in delivering cutting edge building constructions across the United Kingdom, Nigeria and entire Africa.

OJTv is an entertainment network that creates high-quality entertainment content for millions of online readers.

OJRecruitment Service specializes in providing innovative HR solutions and engaging skilled and unskilled workforce across Nigeria and Africa. 

Our Vision

To become a world-class brand. Defined by quality, long term value and creating societal impact

Our Mission

To contribute to global development through innovation and technology

Our Story

The OJ Construction Services is a team of professionals, trained in the United Kingdom, that engage in the building of quality structures, developing modern projects, blending homes, parks and public realm with great facilities to create fantastic communities where people love to live. We work together with trusted partners to tackle the shortage of good quality homes.

Our Goal

To be a world-class business, defined by the quality of the places we create, generating long-term value and having a positive impact on society.

Through our vision framework, we articulate our strategy across five areas of strategic focus:

  • Customers
  • Homes
  • Places
  • Operations and
  • People

By focusing on these areas, we ensure that we continue to provide customers with exceptional service, whilst delivering high-quality projects and places where communities can thrive. We also recognise that the skills, knowledge and dedication of our people, alongside the efficient management of our operations, are fundamental to the ongoing success of our business.

Sustainability is at the heart of OjHolme.  Our single biggest contribution is to create new places that grace their surroundings and will stand the test of time. The environmental performance of each site is monitored tightly and we publish independent research measuring our social and economic impact.

The Team

Daniel OJ Oladejo, Founder/CEO
Kehinde Akinlua, General Manager
Oluwaseyi Odediran, Construction Project Manager
Emmanuel Ofie, IT Lead
Pamela Paul, Project Supervisor
Michael Ademola Aina, Project Manager/Media
Esther Onifade, Sales Manager
Elizabeth Yusuf, Sales Advisor
Eguagie Gift-Ella Efosa, Customer Service
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