Fast and efficient home and office cleaning services

Office Cleaning Services

We are specialist in the cleaning of office buildings, guest houses, hotels and places of religious worship. Our services are tailored to clients need; Vacuuming, Trash removal, Floor care, Restroom, General cleaning of the premises.

Home Cleaning Services

we offer deep home cleaning services. Regular professional cleaning will help to extend your household items. We clean at your convenient time. Chemicals are water based and friendly and WHO recommended.

Post Construction Cleaning

We clean new or renovated buildings. Walls are cleaned and free of marks, dirt, and smudges. Power washing and cleaning of windows and frames. Plastic/sticker removal from furniture, windows, and doors. Dusting, wet and dry, of ceilings, lights, fans, heaters

Refrigerator Cleaning & Defrosting

Defrosting the refrigerator is a necessary operation to maintain a good state of electrical appliances and help you save electricity. Hire us for professional refrigerator cleaning & defrosting.

Electric Floor Polishing

We clean and polishing floors to a high gloss shine. We are experts in parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork and linoleum with the best optimal results.

Mattress Shampooing

We offer deep mattress cleaning services to give you the best clean

We clean everywhere!

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